Ann Elizabeth King was born in the New York Catskills at a time when life was lived at a very different pace. Raised by depression-era parents, she was exposed to a life where things were created by hand and built to last. Her mother in particular was paramount in developing the designer that Ann is today.

Ann relocated to Philadelphia for college, where she planned to study photography. Upon taking a “metal smithing” class, all that she had been exposed to in life suddenly clicked in place and her passion for creating jewelry was born. In looking back, Ann remembers, I enjoyed working with my hands and always felt a deep connection to raw materials and tools. I loved manipulating metal into miniature sculpture that could be embellished with textures, finishes and gems. In that moment, it just made sense—, all that I had experienced and been exposed to in my childhood brought me to this place.”

After graduation, Ann remained in Philadelphia and found early success as a jewelry designer. She frequently exhibited at designer trade shows, such as the Jeweler’s of America Show where she met her future husband of the next 25 years and business partner, Steven Lagos. The two designers graced the cover of JCK magazine and were married in 1987. Literally, forging their distinct talents the brand LAGOS was officially launched with the still-coveted Caviar collection, now simply called LAGOS.

Over the next fifteen years, Ann co-designed and assisted in building the LAGOS brand and in 1991 the couple introduced their greatest joint creation, daughter Kate. In 2001, Ann was approached by QVC executives to create a collection exclusive to their network. With her daughter out of diapers and the LAGOS brand booming, the timing was perfect for Ann to utilize her talent and celebrity in a namesake collection with a unique venue.

Ann King Jewels are always a contrast of strength and sensuality. Ann likes to push the boundaries of “classic” by adding unexpected boldness in her own personal style and this translates to her jewelry designs seamlessly with true artistic talent. Ann designs from a “different place” than most of her contemporaries. Her signature architectural and botanical elements are created in an old-world manner where every tiny detail contributes to the overall comfort and beauty of the piece. Ann explains, “How the ring actually {feels} as you slip it onto your finger is just as important to me as the obvious details the eye sees. I design with the goal of giving you the pleasure that goes beyond the visual.”

Inspired by the quality and substance of a by-gone era, Ann King is driven by her instinctive vision to create jewelry that boasts the best of both world~of the moment trend that lasts a lifetime.

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